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Dear Scrapbooking Expert,

I'm new to scrapbooking and I'm really excited about it. I have a few questions though and I don't know who to ask. Our local craft store has a scrapbooking aisle and a bunch of supplies? Should I stock up there and ask them my questions? I know that we have a local scrapbooking consultant too. Should I go to her? I think we might have a nice little scrapbook store here in town, are they a good place to get supplies? How do I find other scrapbook stores in my area? Can I shop online?

I have all of my old photos in magnetic albums and a few albums that belonged to my grandmother, too. I am very anxious to re-do all my old albums safely. Where do I begin? How do I know what is safe for my photos?  Acid free, lignin free, photo safe, archival, what does it all really mean?   To be honest, I started an album already before I knew about the safety and glued everything in with rubber cement. What should I do with this album?   I've wanted to get started for weeks but I'm stuck, can you tell me where to start?   I think that I'll start with my wedding album, I really didn't take any pictures before I got married so that seems like the best place to start. What project is the best to start with?

Now that I have started scrapbooking I have other questions, too. How do I organize all those photos? How can I safely include memorabilia? Can I add in anything else to the album to make it meaningful? What type of cameras are best? What type of processing should I get? Do black and white photos really last longer? How do I "crop" a photo, what do I get rid of?  What tools are best for cropping?

Then I need to know what kind of album to buy? What types of adhesives are best and why? What are the essential tools? How much will it really cost to get all the basics?  Can you tell me about the different types of products that are available for scrapbooking?

What type of an album should I make? Chronologically, holidays and vacation, special events ... What about an ABC book or a gift album, how do you make one?

How do I make my first page step-by-step, can you explain it to me?  What can I use to write on the back of my photos? What is a "layout" and how can I do a good one? How do you mat a photo? How do I use printed paper? What idea books are the best? What basic scrapbooking books do you recommend?

What is journaling and what do I need to write to make this book meaningful? How about lettering- what is it and how do I use it in a scrapbook?

What about clip art, how do I use it in my scrapbooks? I need ideas for page layouts, do you know how I can find page layout ideas?

What is the best place to work on my scrapbooks? Where do I store all the supplies? When do I find the time to really work on my scrapbooks? Do I have to pay to attend a scrapbooking workshop or scrapbooking club? What should I take to a crop or workshop? How can I find a scrapbooking club? This is getting to sound expensive, do you have any tips on saving money? Are scrapbooking conventions and retreats worth the money? What is a Make and Take?

That's it for now, I'll let you know if I think of any other questions! Thanks for your help,

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A Struggling Scrapbooker

PS. Do you know anything about potty training?


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